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Millionaire DCA Signals

Cómo hacerse millonario con "Buy & Hold" 2023

Many people currently face financial challenges. How to become Millionaire is not something most people are interested in. Their minds are focused on poverty, rising prices, difficulties to find...
best bitcoin video

Understand Bitcoin in 3 Short Videos

Learning more about Bitcoin is a great journey but it takes time. With the following videos you will take a shortcut that might be a real super-hack. Because why wait if you can get the same results...
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Mastering Bitcoin: Uncovering the 3 Best Udemy Bitcoin Courses Online

Bitcoin, the first decentralized digital money, has taken the world by storm. Its revolutionary technology has the potential to transform the way we conduct transactions and store value. Whether you want to plan your financial future, beat inflation invest in the...

Bitcoin como startup

Este artículo está inspirado en el trabajo de Hass McCook en Medium ¿Tiene sentido ver Bitcoin como una startup? En este artículo compararemos. Puntos claveIntroducciónBitcoin como startup - EtapasBitcoin como startup Conclusión Puntos clave Bitcoin como startup:...

Bitcoin Athletes: 8 Top Sports Stars Getting Paid in the Digital Gold

La intersección entre el deporte y la criptomoneda sigue evolucionando, y los atletas se aventuran ahora en un nuevo ámbito: cobrar en bitcoin y dar lugar a una nueva generación de atletas bitcoin. Este cambio revolucionario ha suscitado debates sobre el futuro de...

El Libro Blanco de Bitcoin Explicado: La hoja de ruta de Satoshi hacia la libertad financiera

If you are new to Bitcoin you probably seek to have the bitcoin whitepaper explained in simple terms. This article explains the important aspects in easy terms.

17 Best Bitcoin Videos and DCA Strategy Videos (FREE)

To learn about the DCA Strategy, a good way is watching educational videos. We have courated a list of free DCA Strategy videos for you to easily progress your knowledge.

Stay Away From Richard Heart ‘The Spam King’

Richard Heart, the creator of the shitcoin HEX wants only one thing. Your money. Stay away and don't get your money stolen from the notorious spammer. Richard Heart is a controversial figure in the cryptocurrency space. He is known for his involvement in creating and...

Understand Bitcoin in 3 Short Videos

Learning more about Bitcoin is a great journey but it takes time. With the following videos you will take a shortcut that might be a real super-hack. Because why wait if you can get the same results instantly? Exactly, so here we go: Understand Bitcoin in 3 Short...

Lump Sum or Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) what’s Better to buy Bitcoin? 2023

Learn if lump sum or dollar cost averaging is the right strategy to grow your portfolio.

Cómo hacerse millonario con "Buy & Hold" 2023

Muchas personas se enfrentan actualmente a retos financieros. Cómo hacerse millonario no es algo que interese a la mayoría. Sus mentes están centradas en la pobreza, el aumento de los precios, las dificultades para encontrar empleo, etc. Algo están haciendo mal. El conocimiento es poder como...

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Vaultoro Review Scigala Brothers

Vaultoro Review 2023

Vaultoro is a broker for bitcoin, gold and silver based in Berlin. in this article we'll take a closer look at the platform to review it. And...
bitcoin is time

Bitcoin es tiempo

Bitcoin Is Time by Der Gigi Bitcoin is time is an essay written by der Gigi. "Bitcoin is time" also exists as an audio version, read by Guy Swan....
Bitcoin as a startup

Bitcoin como startup

This article was inspired by Hass McCook work on Medium Does it make any sense to see Bitcoin as a startup? In this article we will compare. Key...
inflation tax

Is Inflation a tax?

Is Inflation a Tax? In this article we explore the concept of the inflation tax and lay out why inflation is unjust and puts your money at risk....
dollars in a purse inflation

What is inflation?

What is inflation? As prices go up and up, you might have wondered about the reason for inflation and increasing prices. In this article we will...
check the chapwood index

¿Qué es el Índice Chapwood?

The Chapwood Index reflects the true cost-of-living increase in America. Updated and released twice a year, it reports the unadjusted actual cost...

¿Qué son las ondas HODL?

Bitcoin's adoption has given rise to a multitude of terms and concepts unique to the financial world. One such term is "HODL waves," a phrase that...

What are Pump and Dump Schemes?

In the dynamic world of finance, not all strategies are ethical or legal. "What are Pump and Dump Schemes?" is a question that unravels a dark...

How to self custody Bitcoin

How to self custody Bitcoin is not easily answered but a practice that empowers individuals to directly manage and safeguard their Bitcoin holdings,...

Las 25 familias más ricas de EE.UU.

The United States is home to some of the world's most affluent families, whose immense fortunes have been built and passed down through generations....
john bogle

Common Sense on Mutual Funds Summary

Common Sense on Mutual Funds: New Imperatives for the Intelligent Investor, written by John Bogle, is a book educating investors about mutual funds,...
trezor for storing bitcoin

8 Levels of Storing Bitcoin

This article is inspired by an original version written by Arman The Parman Securely storing bitcoin is the most important step for any Bitcoiner....
Generational Wealth

Bitcoin Is Generational Wealth

Introduction In a world characterized by economic uncertainties and evolving indebtedness, Bitcoin has emerged as a compelling narrative in the...

Worldcoin: How much do you get?

Worldcoin is trending and people are flocking to scan their eyeballs for a bit of extra cash. Who says no to free stuff, right?In this article we’ll...
Making a lump sum investment

What is a Lump Sum Investment?

Any interested investor might have come across the question what strategy of investing he would like to follow. One particular question that arises...
what is the cantillon effect market

What is the Cantillon Effect?

What is the Cantillon Effect? The Cantillon Effect refers to the uneven impact of changes in the money supply on different economic groups. It...
bitcoin coin fingers

What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin, envisioned by its mysterious creator Satoshi Nakamoto, was introduced to address a fundamental need: enabling peer-to-peer electronic cash...
what is an exit scam

What is an ‘Exit Scam’?

An exit scam refers to a fraudulent scheme in which the operators of a business, typically an online platform, deceive their users or customers and...
bitcoin a store of value

Is Bitcoin A Store of Value

Bitcoin is everywhere. Some experts argue that Bitcoin is a store of value and wealth preservation others say it’s thin air.
Using a dca calculator

How to use a DCA Calculator

To use a DCA calculator is a straightforward process that helps you plan and execute your investment strategy over time. Dollar-Cost Averaging...
lump sum investing

How to invest a lump sum of money

You want to invest a lump sum but aren't entirely sure what it is, how it works and if it is the right strategy. In this article we will explain in...

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