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How To Buy Bitcoin Anonymously – Complete List


Are you seeking to buy bitcoin anonymously? In this article we explain why buying bitcoin privately can enhance your personal privacy and provide you with a list of options.

Why NON-KYC Matters

In today’s interconnected world, where our personal data is constantly being tracked and analyzed, the importance of financial privacy has never been greater. Bitcoin, with its decentralized nature and anonymity-focused approach, has emerged as a viable alternative to traditional financial systems, offering individuals greater control over their financial information.

The Perils of KYC Compliance

Many cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms require users to undergo Know Your Customer (KYC) verification before they can purchase Bitcoin. While this may seem like a reasonable measure to prevent fraud and money laundering, it also raises significant concerns about privacy. By submitting personal information, including identity documents and proof of address, users are essentially handing over their financial data to third parties.

This poses a multitude of risks, including:

  • Hacker Vulnerability: Sensitive personal information, once exposed, is a valuable target for hackers. Identity theft, financial fraud, and even physical harm are all potential consequences of a data breach.
  • Surveillance by Big Corporations: KYC data can be mined by big corporations and used for targeted advertising, data profiling, and even political manipulation. Users lose control over their personal information, becoming vulnerable to manipulation and exploitation.

The Benefits of Anonymous Bitcoin Purchases

Purchasing Bitcoin anonymously eliminates these privacy concerns, allowing users to maintain control over their financial data. Here are some of the key benefits of anonymous Bitcoin transactions:

  • Security from Hackers: Without personal information attached to Bitcoin transactions, hackers have no leverage to target or steal funds.
  • Protection from Data Mining: Big corporations cannot gather and exploit personal data, safeguarding users from intrusive surveillance and profiling.
  • Financial Privacy: Individuals retain complete control over their financial transactions, free from the scrutiny of government agencies and private entities.

How to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously

While some cryptocurrency exchanges still require KYC verification, there are ways to buy Bitcoin anonymously. Here are two methods commonly used:

  • Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs): DEXs operate without intermediaries, allowing users to trade directly with each other. Most DEXs do not require KYC verification, making them an excellent option for those seeking to buy bitcoin anonymously.
  • Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Transactions: P2P platforms connect buyers and sellers of Bitcoin, facilitating direct transactions without the need for intermediaries. This method offers complete anonymity, as users can communicate and exchange Bitcoin without revealing personal information.

Financial privacy is a fundamental human right, and Bitcoin offers a unique opportunity to protect our financial information in the digital age. By choosing to buy Bitcoin anonymously, individuals can safeguard their personal data, reduce their exposure to hackers, and avoid the intrusive practices of big corporations. As Bitcoin adoption continues to grow, anonymous transactions are likely to become more prevalent, empowering individuals to take back control of their financial privacy.

Complete List of No-KYC options to buy bitcoin anonymously

Following is a list of P2P Trading Platforms (i.e. P2P exchanges) for trading Bitcoin. Common payment methods include bank transfer, cash deposited in the seller’s bank account, in-person cash (face-to-face) trades as well as payment networks such as Zelle, Alipay, even Cash App and PayPal, for example. Some of these payment methods are more private than others. Typically, face-to-face, cash-by-mail, and US Postal Money Orders are among the most private methods available. Many of these platforms however do not have the option to buy bitcoin anonymously.

Best Exchanges to buy bitcoin anonymously:

Our favorite addresses to buy bitcoin anonymously are these four:

  • Bisq
  • Robosats
  • HodlHodl
  • Vexl

Some platforms require the use of a phone number which are typically tied to personally identifying information. If a user wishes to remain anonymous, then it is recommended to use a SMS bypassing service such as Text Verified. Also, see “Bypassing SMS Verification with Text Verified” (Wook, 2022) for an in-depth walkthrough (PDF download)

Altcoin-only P2P Trading exchanges

Note: An Altcoin-only exchange means bitcoin is not one of the trading currencies. There may be offers though where Bitcoin is one of the payment methods available though.

Aggregator/Search and Helper Sites


  • P2P trading automation software for dealers. Support for Binance, LocalBitcoins, LocalCoinSwap, and Paxful.
    (Caution: Third party software can have malware. Use at your own risk.)
  • A No-KYC information directory


When using any of the above P2P Trading Platforms (which are essentially “matchmaking” services), please trade with caution and do your own due diligence.

This list does not include exchanges not in English (e.g., 58Coin), deserted or defunct marketplaces (e.g., OpenBazaar, BitzLato, LocalCryptos, BuyCrypto.Today, Cancoin, and Rahakott), not-yet launched (e.g., OTCBoss), ones that operate only through dark markets, or online-only DEX/decentralized exchanges (another list of DEXes).

When trading bitcoin in-person or choosing to buy bitcoin anonymously for cash, you need to be extra careful. Many news have been come out over the years of people who have been scammed. Sadly many black sheep are using bitcoin too. For your safety, try to get enough information about your trading peer to find out if the person has good interests.

It always helps to get a personal recommendation from a friend. Another method commonly used is to watch out for people at bitcoin conferences. Usually those seeking to buy or sell bitcoin anonymously are waiting around the bitcoin ATM machine which is often exhibited at such events. This way you can approach someone if he is interested to trade in person and if you have a good impression, continue the trade.

Tips for buying bitcoin anonymously for cash

It’s very important to be a cautious when you want to buy bitcoin for cash. If you buy small sums you can stomach it if something goes wrong but when trading larger amounts you may need to establish a decent amount of trust with the other party.

  • Don’t agree to sketchy meeting places such as garages or dark alleys, always meet in a civil place such as a hotel or shopping mall (to avoid cameras you can screen the place before meeting)
  • Never agree to any sketchy demand from the other person. If someone forces you to use a special wallet or escrow service, he probably wants to scam you.
  • Stick to the rules: 1. Agree on the terms, the price and reference exchange rate. 2. Lock the price. 3. Count the cash. 4. If cash is complete send bitcoin and wait 3 confirmations (always use priority fees or lightning). 5. Once bitcoin is confirmed both peers go their way.

Variants which do not fit the P2P OTC exchanges category

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