Press Release Superb Summit – Immediate Release

Superb Summit is partnering up with U.TODAY to scale up bitcoin education

  • U.TODAY joins new Bitcoin Online Conference as official media partner
  • 50 leading bitcoin experts and industry executives gather online September 21 & 22

  • Prominent speakers such as Stephan Livera, Giacomo Zucco, Knut Svanholm and Cory Klippsten

With U.TODAY a strong crypto media brand with long track record is joining forces with the SUPERB SUMMIT

After Microstrategy launched “Bitcoin for Corporates” earlier this year and “The B-word Conference” saw Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey on stage, a new event set to break all records.

U.TODAY is the official media partner and will boost the event through it’s strong network and channels. With reach around the world and high brand recognition in US and EU markets, the media partnership will add value for all participants.

Meet speakers suchs as Giacomo Zucco ceo of Blockchainlab, Cory Klippsten ceo of Swanbitcoin, Obi Nwosu ceo of coinfloor, Max Krupyshev ceo Cryptoprocessing, Julian Liniger ceo of Relai, Aleks Svetski ceo of Amber, Danny Brewster ceo of fastbitcoins, Daniel Winklhammer ceo of 21bitcoin, John Vallis, René Pickhardt and many others.

The Superb Summit is set to be a gathering of key players in the bitcoin industry and brands have confirmed to make official company announcements at this event.

Supported by Bitcoin Reserve, a new bitcoin onramp focused on the European markets, a team of bitcoin investors is producing the event. Their mission is to provide a platform to connect the industry as well as offering a program that makes it easy for newcomers to catch up with the latest trends and developments.

A mission shared with U.TODAY which states:

Our mission is to serve the emerging community of enthusiasts, professionals and newcomers who explore, use and develop the tech by heeding the core journalistic values of clear thinking, accuracy and independence.
We seek to inform, educate, collaborate and support better practices for the benefit of all.”

“It’s hard for so-called “no-coiners” to understand bitcoin because there is too much misleading information online.” explains Leon Siegmund, organizer of the summit.

“We thought; there must be a better way and we asked the best bitcoin experts in the world for help. Everyone agrees that the best way to avoid pitfalls is to listen to long-term experts in the field.”

 Their story was catchy and their mission worth supporting which resulted in a record speaker lineup gathering the who’s who in the industry.

Attendees can book different tickets starting with the most affordable option of 42 EUR and ranging to over 1.000 EUR for investor passes. But for those who cannot afford to purchase a ticket there is still a chance. Codes for complimentary tickets are available through different channels like Telegram raffles or Twitter giveaways so everyone has a way to participate. 

“Thanks to our partnership with Hopin, a leading virtual event platform, we will be able to provide a stunning virtual expo and interactive sponsor booths.” explains Leon Siegmund.

The Superb Summit is promising a packed agenda covering the hottest topics from bitcoin adoption in El Salvador, regulatory changes on lightning nodes, latest mining industry reports and lively debates with the best minds in bitcoin.

Moreover, workshops and Q&A sessions will allow for direct attendee to speaker feedback and interaction to help general attendees make the most out of the agenda.


Sponsor slots are available and can be requested on the event website.

September 21 & 22 10AM EDT (4PM CEST)

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Twitter: @SignalsDCA
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Contact: Twitter: @SignalsDCA


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Giaccomo Zucco
Aleks Svetski
Stephan Livera
Knut Svanholm
Andrew Howard
Michael Dupree
Paul Rosenberg
Douglas Bakkum
Max Hillebrand
Rahim Taghizadegan
Rene Pickardt
Christoph Heuermann
Thijs Maas
Kenneth Kruger
Lixin Liu
Pavol Luptak
Dominic Frisby
Joshua Tate
Mark E. Jeftovic
Rui Gomes
Bitcoin Gandalf
Vit Jedlicka
Romain Rouphael
Adella Toulon-Foerster
Obi Nwosu
Max Krupyshev
Danny Brewster
Lawrence Bahr
Julian Liniger
John Vallis
Tim McElroy
Untapped Growth
Andreas Jürgens
Katie the Russian
Camila Campton
Molly Spiers
Volker Herminghaus
BTC Sessions
Yael Osowski
Leon Siegmund
Daniel Winkelhammer
Cory Klippsten
Moritz Wietersheim
Amit Jairath
Chris Attard
Chad Elwartowski