How To Become Millionaire with “Buy & Hold”

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How To Become Millionaire with “Buy & Hold”

The following article reflects the personal opinion of the author and is not financial advice or investment advice.

Knowledge is power as the saying goes. Imagine you would like to learn how to drive a car but the teacher holds back some important information. He doesn’t share his secrets about the clutch and the gears.

So you drive around in the first gear until massive fume is rising in front of you. Well obviously knowledge is key for almost everything in life. If men would only know how women think and the other way around…

Or if the big boys at Wallstreet would only share their insider positions with you.

Ha! You know what, there is a secret position that I will give you right now, right here.

There is one trading strategy that made thousands of people rich with minimal risk.

It helped tens of thousands out of poverty and millions will follow soon. Eventhough it is publicly available information, the financial elites of the world do not want you to know or learn about it. So treat this knowledge and wisdom with care and share it only with your closest friends and family members.

Yes you guessed right, we are talking Bitcoin!

The buy and hold strategy is the hidden champion of all trading strategies. It sounds too simple to be true and therefore is often overlooked. But the truth is that buy and hold is the name of the game.

“But Why?” you may ask. Why would there be something like a secret to success, wouldn’t everyone just use it already toda?

To answer that we must climb down the stairs to the Vatican library and look into old books of the great thinkers of the Austrian School of Economics.

To name a few Carl Menger, Eugen Böhm Ritter von Bawerk, Cantillion, Hayek, Mises, Rothbard are great reads. Some good sources are linked at bottom of the article.



Just as the name of the strategy implies, it’s a very pure and simplistic approach. Probably a three year old could already successfully execute this once it figured how to unlock mommy’s iphone.

Step number one is to buy bitcoin and step number two is to hold the bitcoins. Both steps seem simple but are a little bit more sophisticated when it comes to actually doing it. The reason being, both steps require a time investment as well as learning effort. Nothing comes for free.

The good thing however is that there are now a great number of beginner friendly services that make buying and holding bitcoin super easy and convenient.

Just a couple years ago it wasn’t that easy at all. Back in the days around 2011 and 2012 there weren’t that many places to buy bitcoin. And from those that were available, many turned out to be scams or got hacked.

Also “hodling” bitcoin was super difficult. There were only very few bitcoin wallets with an interface similar to the control panel of an airbus 380. If you weren’t technical you really had a hard time and believe me, a lot of bitcoin are lost forever because the wallets were so hard to use.

But nowadays it’s easy, convenient and all you need is a bit of time and motivation.




Depending on which country you are from and where you live you can try to sign up at any of those bitcoin “onramps”:

1. Relai
2. Swan bitcoin
3. Amber
4. On DCA Signals

Those three are great because they are focused on bitcoin and cut out all the crypto trash coins that people want you to buy.

If these options don’t work you can also try any of the casino exchanges such as:


But be very careful. These exchanges bear great risks and you could lose your money. You could be drawn into trading and lose your bitcoins. The exchange could get hacked and lose your bitcoins. The exchange could freeze your account for a lack of KYC documents and failed verification process. Then your money is locked for a long time or even forever.

So better use one of the first 3 services.



A very important chapter that we will just briefly touch is privacy. Please read up the articles listed below to inform yourself about the risks of KYC. For a more private way to purchase bitcoin we recommend the following platforms:



This is the most important thing in your life next to pumping the semen forward to breed the next generation and continue our civilzation. Always remember 1 child is not enough and with 2 you just maintain the current population size. With 3 or more kids you are starting to build civilzation.

That aside, holding and securing bitcoin is the most important task of the modern man and the “sovereing individual” (link)

The way to do that is to create a bulletproof, rock-solid, indestructable fortress around your private keys. Always remember:


– Always have 2 paper backups of your 12 backup words. Use hardware wallets for more security. Setup multisignature shared keys for higher amounts.
– Diversify between different wallets so if you lose one wallet you don’t lose it all.
– Take good care of your privacy, don’t accidially mix up ID and no-ID coins

For cold storage there are a number of great services you can check out.

Services, multisig wallets and hardwarewallets:
– bluewallet vaults
– blockstream multisig
– specter wallet
– sparrow wallet
– unchained capital, casa
– Jade, trezor, ledger, coldcard, bitbox



If you want to read more, I highly recommend you this site:

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