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Learning to use Bitcoin doesn’t have to cost you a dime, if you know where to look. Here is our top 15 Free Bitcoin Course list.

Why Learning Bitcoin is free

Free resources to learn Bitcoin are available online. Thankfully, the bitcoin community consists of many fantastic educators who are relentless in producing ever better learning materials.

But what are the best materials, courses, books and resources to learn bitcoin?

In this list we gathered 12 resources which offer great education value. If you are curious to learn more about bitcoin, this list is a good way to start.

Learning on your own is recommended if you enjoy reading books and are used to independent learning. If you prefer guided education from expert tailored to your individual situation, you should consider become a DCA Signals member.

free bitcoin course
Your life has one important purpose: become wiser

Read the complete list of bitcoin learning sites and find your free bitcoin course

When you are new to bitcoin, you might feel overwhelmed. There is just so much information. Are altcoins better than bitcoin, could bitcoin go to zero, what if the government regulate it?

There are so many questions, and how can you trust that information is correct? There are just so many different things to learn and to understand. Where should you start, and how can you be sure what is said is the truth?

It’s important to mention that if you are learning about bitcoin, you’ve already done the most important thing right. Learning is more important then investing. Don’t put money into things you don’t understand.

When you invest in things you don’t understand, chances are high you’ll lose everything!

Learning about bitcoin is exciting!

Yes, it will take some time, but every day you will be a little bit wiser and smarter.

Don’t be disappointed if it takes longer than you expected, it is worth it and you will not regret to have learned about bitcoin. The bitcoin community is very supportive of beginners who want to learn so don’t hesitate to connect with likeminded people.

By the way, most people who start learning about bitcoin never stop. There is always something new to learn because Bitcoin is a growing ecosystem.

How long does it take to learn bitcoin?

You could probably get the basics in a day. The most important thing is to learn how to keep your bitcoin safe and protect your private keys.

Experts agree that for the average user it takes a full day to learn the basic principles. But you can continue studying for an entire year to become a true master.

Even if you don’t code and may not have technical knowledge you can still learn about bitcoin and make the most out of it.

Top 15: Free Bitcoin Course

  1. (FREE)
  2. (FREE)
  3. The Looking Glass Education (FREE)
  4. Saylor Academy Bitcoin Course (FREE)
  5. My First Bitcoin Diploma (FREE)
  6. Ministry of Nodes (FREE)
  7. The best Bitcoin books (LIST)
  8. Swan Canon (Articles)
  9. Bitcoin Q & A (FREE)
  10. (FREE)
  11. Bitcoin Whitepaper (FREE & Open Source)
  12. Berkley University Edx (Freemium)
  13. Simple Bitcoin App
  14. The Bitcoin Course

Bitcoin professional certificates

There are a number of courses that will provide you with a certification. A certification can help you to proof your expertise to employers or clients.

The course from Berkley Edx will provide a certification for around $90.

The course at Saylor Academy gives you a free certification. A few courses on Udemy also provide attendance certificates.

Further, the university of Nicosia and University of Malta provide official university level certifications for students attending bitcoin related classes.

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