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Earn Bitcoin: Complete list with 100 Earning Sites


Looking for ways to earn Bitcoin? You’ve come to the right place! This comprehensive guide unlocks the secrets to earning Bitcoin, from established methods to exciting new trends. Whether you’re a seasoned crypto enthusiast or a curious beginner, we’ll show you how to turn your time and skills into valuable Bitcoin.

Dive in and discover the best earning sites, explore alternative methods, and learn how to safely and securely accumulate Bitcoin. This list features 100 pages that let you earn Bitcoin and Satoshis!

Why earn Bitcoin?

In times of high inflation, earning bitcoin is a real blessing. Bitcoin cannot get inflated by design as the total supply of bitcoin is strictly limited to 21 million.

More and more freelancers are asking their employers to get paid in bitcoin or to find bitcoin gigs online.

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Complete list of websites to earn Satoshis

This list is without guarantee. Some of the earning pages may not work in your country.

  1. Fountain – Earn Bitcoin for listening to podcasts or creating podcast clips.
  2. Stacker News – Stack sats for sharing interesting links, news, and content.
  3. Mash – Stack sats by allowing fans to pay for content on your website.
  4. Slice – Stack sats with a browser extension that monetizes your time and attention online.
  5. Wavlake – Stack sats for sharing great music on this streaming platform.
  6. Bitcoin Blast – Earn sats for playing a fun, bitcoin-themed casual game 
  7. Vida – Stack sats for taking calls and messages from people who want to reach you.
  8. Tiankii – Stack sats for accepting Bitcoin payments in your store or website.
  9. Fold – Earn Bitcoin for shopping with your Fold VISA debit card or by spinning the wheel in the app.
  10. LNCal – Stack sats by allowing anyone to book a paid time slot on your calendar.
  11. OpenNode – Stack sats by accepting low-cost Bitcoin and Lightning payments for your business.
  12. Flash – Earn Sats on your website with payment widgets and subscriptions
  13. IBEX Pay – Stack sats by accepting Bitcoin and Lightning payments without additional hardware.
  14. Orange Pill App – Offer your business service on a bitcoin community app
  15. Satsback – Stack sats for shopping online at thousands of stores.
  16. The Bitcoin Company – Stack sats for shopping at hundreds of stores using Bitcoin-back rewards gift cards.
  17. Voltage – Stack sats by accepting Bitcoin payments with a cloud-hosted Lightning node.
  18. Kollider – Stack sats for trading on this Lightning-powered Bitcoin derivatives exchange.
  19. Zion – Stack sats on a peer-to-peer social platform for chat and group discussions.
  20. Sarutobi – Stack sats for playing Sarutobi, a mobile game where you collect bananas.
  21. Bitcoin Magazine App – Stack sats for reading articles about Bitcoin.
  22. NYDIG Bounties – Stack sats for completing tasks in Bitcoin codebases.
  23. Web Developer – Stack sats for writing articles, answering technical bounties, or contributing code demos.
  24. Smiles – Stack sats for walking, shopping, playing games, and more.
  25. Color Streak – Stack sats by tapping your screen to keep your ball in the air in this mobile game.
  26. Alby – Stack sats by accepting Lightning boosts on your website and social channels.
  27. Damus – Stack sats for sharing content with your friends on this Nostr client.
  28. Club Bitcoin – Solitaire – Stack sats by playing the classic card game Solitaire.
  29. Bolt.Fun – Stack sats by sharing stories on this community platform for Lightning Network builders.
  30. Shakepay – Earn Bitcoin for shaking your phone or shopping with your Shakepay VISA debit card.
  31. Lightning Crush – Stack sats for playing a mobile game inspired by Candy Crush and the Lightning Network.
  32. Breez – Stack sats by accepting payments using the Breez Point-of-Sale terminal.
  33. Strike – Stack sats by auto-converting any percentage of your paycheck into Bitcoin.
  34. Sats 4 Likes – Stack sats for completing microtasks like following or engaging with social media accounts.
  35. Satsfaucet – Earn Sats for completing small tasks
  36. Bitcoin Miner – Stack sats for playing Bitcoin Miner, a mobile idle clicker game.
  37. Crypto Civ: Bitcoins Rise – Play an engaging mobile game and earn sats rewards.
  38. Lolli – Stack sats for shopping online at thousands of stores.
  39. Bold – Stack sats on every purchase with the bitcoin-only Bold credit card.
  40. Geyser – Stack sats for bringing your big ideas to life on a global crowdfunding platform.
  41. Lightning Video – Stack sats for adding a paywall to video content and earning from paid comments, subscriptions, and tips.
  42. Zaprite – Stack sats by using this invoicing and project management platform to get paid in Bitcoin.
  43. Sphinx Chat – Stack sats on a peer-to-peer social platform for chat, group discussions, and podcast streaming.
  44. Turbo 84 – Stack sats for playing Turbo 84, a mobile game for those with a need for speed.
  45. Amazeballs – Stack sats for playing Amazeballs, an original puzzle game.
  46. Satsoverflow – Stack sats for answering a variety of questions asked by other users.
  47. Millionaire Daily Win – Stack sats for playing Millionaire, a mobile trivia game.
  48. Oshi – Stack sats by purchasing local goods and services and earning Bitcoin rewards.
  49. Plebwork – Earn bitcoin for work and find freelance gigs that pay in bitcoin
  50. Bitcoiner Jobs – Earn bitcoins by joining companies that offer employees the option to be paid in Bitcoin.
  51. Bitcoin Bounties – Earn bitcoin for completing various Bitcoin bounties.
  52. Amboss Magma – Stack sats for selling inbound liquidity or swapping Bitcoin between on-chain and Lightning.
  53. Bitcoin Snake – Stack sats for playing Bitcoin Snake, a mobile game that puts a Bitcoin spin on the classic arcade game.
  54. Sphinx Tickets – Stack sats by completing various tickets posted to the Sphinx Community page.
  55. Bitcoin Sudoku – Stack sats for playing the classic puzzle game Sudoku.
  56. Vestly – Stack sats for playing simulated trading games and learning about investing.
  57. Coin Mahjong – Stack sats for playing a Bitcoin-powered version of this classic game.
  58. Solitaire – Stack sats for playing the classic card game Solitaire.
  59. LNBits – Stack sats by accepting payments for your business with Voltage integration or a self-hosted node.
  60. Counter Strike – Stack sats for playing Counter-Strike on ZBD Infuse.
  61. Microlancer – Stack sats for completing various microtasks.
  1. Scarce City – Stack sats for selling digital and physical art.
  2. Backgammon – Stack sats for playing this classic two-player board game.
  3. Lightning Poker – Stack sats by winning online poker games.
  4. Balls King – Stack sats for playing Balls King, a Bitcoin brick-breaker game.
  5. Stakwork – Stack sats for completing microtasks like image processing, object recognition, and transcription.
  6. Wordy – Stack sats by guessing words on this Wordle-inspired puzzle game.
  7. Tetro Tiles – Stack sats for playing a mobile game remix of Tetris and Sudoku.
  8. LNFlip – Stack sats with this Lightning-powered coin flip game.
  9. ZBD Kart – Stack sats for playing ZBD Kart, a multiplayer kart racing game.
  10. Missing Letters – Stack sats for playing Missing Letters, a Wordle-inspired mobile game.
  11. Bitcoin Bounce – Stack sats for playing Bitcoin Bounce, a mobile game inspired by Bitcoin’s blockchain.
  12. Bitcoin Bay – Stack sats for playing Bitcoin Bay, a bubble shooter mobile game.
  13. Apollo – Stack sats by writing reviews for the products you love.
  14. Liquidity Ads – Stack sats for selling inbound liquidity to peers running Core Lightning.
  15. Tallycoin – Stack sats for bringing your big ideas to life on a global crowdfunding platform.
  16. Alby Bounties – Stack sats by completing tasks posted to Alby’s GitHub page.
  17. Wheel of Crypto – Stack sats for spinning the wheel and answering trivia questions.
  18. Wheel of Trivia – Stack sats for playing Wheel of Trivia, a mobile wheel-spinning game.
  19. Plebstr – Stack sats for using this Lightning-powered Nostr client.
  20. VoltPay – Stack sats by accepting Bitcoin payments for your business using this PoS mobile app.
  21. Lightning Pool – Stack sats for selling inbound liquidity to Lightning Network peers.
  22. Impervious – Stack sats for sending messages and payments between your contacts on this Lightning-enabled browser.
  23. Jam – Stack sats by providing liquidity to other JoinMarket participants as a market maker.
  24. BTCPayServer – Stack sats by accepting Bitcoin and Lightning payments for your business with 0% fees.
  25. Plebbin – Stack sats for selling goods and services on this Bitcoin-native classifieds platform.
  26. Speed – Stack sats by accepting Bitcoin and Lightning Network payments for your business.
  27. Joltz Rewards – Stack sats by participating in Bitcoin rewards loyalty programs.
  28. Zebedee – Stack sats for sharing content with your friends on this Nostr client and Lightning wallet.
  29. Primal – Stack sats for sharing content with your friends on this Nostr client.
  30. Satlantis – Stack sats for playing this multiplayer survival game.
  31. Muun – Stack sats for accepting Bitcoin or Lightning payments from your customers.
  32. Atomic Finance – Stack sats on this self-custodial automated trading platform.
  33. LN Markets – Earn bitcoin by trading on this Lightning-powered Bitcoin derivatives exchange.
  34. Coinmiles – Stack sats as a reward for shopping at your favorite merchants.
  35. Blink – Stack sats for learning about bitcoin
  36. Ledn  – Earn interest on your Bitcoin
  37. Insightful Bits – Earn sats for completing market research surveys
  38. Simple Bitcoin App – Earn sats for learning about Bitcoin
  39. Yzer – Learn bitcoin and earn Satoshis

Earn Bitcoin: A Guide to Earning Online and Remotely

Bitcoin, the first and most prominent cryptocurrency, has captured the world’s attention. Its decentralized nature and potential for growth make it an attractive prospect for many. But how do you get involved without directly investing? This guide explores various remote and online avenues for earning Bitcoin and its smallest unit, the Satoshi (satoshi).

Understanding Satoshis: Bitcoin’s Building Blocks

Bitcoin is divisible into 100 million satoshis (1 BTC = 100,000,000 satoshis). Earning satoshis allows you to accumulate Bitcoin in smaller fractions, making it a good option for beginners or those seeking a gradual approach.

Established Methods for Earning Bitcoin Online:

  • Micro-tasking and Surveys: Websites like Amazon Mechanical Turk or Prolific offer microtasks and surveys that reward you with satoshis for completion. While the payouts might be small, they can accumulate over time. To earn bitcoin all you need to do is register your account, complete tasks and have your wallet ready.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Promote Bitcoin-related products or services and earn a commission for each sale or referral in the form of Bitcoin. This requires building an audience and promoting effectively.
  • Freelancing with Bitcoin Payments: If you possess freelance skills like writing, graphic design, or programming, consider offering your services on platforms that accept Bitcoin payments.
  • Cloud Mining: Rent processing power from cloud mining services to contribute to the Bitcoin network and earn rewards in Bitcoin. However, carefully research cloud mining providers before investing, as scams exist.

Emerging Trends in Earning Bitcoin Remotely:

  • Play-to-Earn (P2E) Games: A new wave of games allows you to earn Bitcoin or satoshis through gameplay. These games often involve collecting in-game assets that can be traded for Bitcoin on cryptocurrency marketplaces.
  • Learn and Earn Initiatives: Some platforms reward you with satoshis for learning about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology through quizzes, courses, or educational content.
  • Content Creation and Curation: Platforms like Publish0x or Steemit reward content creators and curators with Bitcoin or tokens that can be converted to Bitcoin.

Important Considerations Before You Begin:

  • Volatility: The value of Bitcoin fluctuates significantly. Be aware of the associated risk before investing time or money.
  • Transaction Fees: Transactions on the Bitcoin network incur fees. Consider these fees when choosing an earning method.
  • Security: Only use reputable platforms and secure your Bitcoin holdings using a reliable wallet.

Getting Started Safely:

  1. Choose a Secure Bitcoin Wallet: Research and select a reputable Bitcoin wallet to store your earnings safely. Popular options include hardware wallets or secure online wallets.
  2. Start Small and Gradually Increase: Begin with methods that require less time or skill investment. As you gain experience and comfort, explore more advanced methods.
  3. Stay Informed: Stay updated on the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency. Research new earning methods and keep an eye on market trends.

To earn Bitcoin online and remotely can be an exciting introduction to the world of cryptocurrency. By understanding the different methods, potential risks, and security measures, you can embark on your Bitcoin earning journey with confidence.

Disclaimer: This guide is for informational purposes only and should not be considered financial advice. Always conduct your own research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

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