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17 DCA Strategy Videos (FREE)


To learn about the DCA Strategy, a good way is watching educational videos. We have courated a list of free DCA Strategy videos for you to easily progress your knowledge.

These completely free videos have been analyzed by our economics experts to ensure they provide true facts and are easy to understand.

Without further ado, please enjoy 17 DCA Strategy videos right below:

1. Top 10 Countries by Inflation Rate (1980-2018)

This video features the countries with the highest inflation rate in the world since 1980. Many of the countries in this video has had hyperinflation that has a very big impact on the countries economy. Recent examples are Zimbabwe and Venezuela.

2. The Great Reset And The Rise Of Bitcoin

3. Bitcoin Explained in 15 Minutes

This short video is one of our 17 dca strategy videos you shouldn’t miss. Macro analyst Dylan Leclair explains in simple terms why the US Dollar is facing an exponential debt problem and DCA Bitcoin is a useful hedging strategy.

4. Paul Tudor Jones Owns Bitcoin

In this interview, legendary investor, billionaire, and macro analyst Paul Tudor Jones explains why Bitcoin is the “longest horse he’s ever sat on.

5. Bitcoin Is Generational Wealth

This short film helps to understand the historic context of Bitcoin and its value as a wealth preservation strategy.

6. Elon Musk: Bitcoin Can’t Be Compromised

Bitcoin is the first money that is forever free from human corruption. Bitcoin’s decentralized network allows it to synchronize a public ledger without human intervention. Tech leader Elon Musk admits that Bitcoin is genius if you listen closely:

7. Jack Dorsey: Anyone who finds Bitcoin, can use it

Bitcoin is a software protocol that anyone can use. Because of its openness it allows for rapid innovation and disruption. In this interview, Jack Dorsey explains why Bitcoin will change the world forever:

8. Bitcoin Macro with Steve Ross

This video helps to the enormous competitive business advantage that Bitcoin allows.
Stone Ridge founder Steve Ross explains why the focus on the end-state of Bitcoin is necessary for it to integrate it as an investment grade, safe-haven treasury reserve asset.

9. Bitcoin is NOT Optional

Bitcoin is like gunpowder. A country who refuses it will be in bad position argues Saifedean Amous.

10. What is Value Investing

In this lesson, students learn what value investing is. The three course objectives are: 1) The difference between value trading and value investing 2) The difference between an asset and a liability 3) Who created and uses value investing.

11. How to activate Bitcoin DCA with just $10/Day

Dollar Cost Average Bitcoin is the simplest way for anyone to grow a significant and life-changing portfolio over time. This interview goes into details why the DCA Strategy is a truly a revolutionary strategy

12. Bitcoin and the Internet – DCA Strategy Videos

This short film makes a good point why Bitcoin is a necessary and inevitable revolution. Be sure this is one of our DCA Strategy Videos that will probably blow your mind.

13. Gradually, Then Suddenly

What drives the bitcoin price on a fundamental level and what can we expect in the future?

14. How to retire on Bitcoin

This DCA Strategy video you can learn how to retire on Bitcoin in the near term.

15. What is the most important thing to know about Bitcoin?

In this video we’ll give you an overview of Bitcoin from different perspectives. Bitcoin has profound impacts on our understanding of how the economy works and at the same time the technology behind Bitcoin is an incredible achievement in the field of distributed systems.

16. Wheelbarrows of Cash – The Disaster of Inflation

Paper money is always at risk of devaluation. But before you find the solution you must understand the problem.

17. Saifedean Ammous: Bitcoin is the most advanced money

Now comes the final one of our 17 DCA Strategy videos. This short video is the perfect summary of why Bitcoin is the most advanced money we’ve ever had. Saifedean Ammous simply nails it, watch:

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