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Best Crypto Banks


What are the best crypto banks? In short, there aren’t many. The reason is that Bitcoin and banks don’t go together very well and majority of listed companies are the so called e-money institutions which operate with different jurisdictions and have limited licenses than regular banks.

However, in 2024, several banks and financial institutions have emerged as key players in providing crypto-friendly services. These institutions cater to a wide range of needs, from traditional banking operations to payments, loans and innovative crypto services.

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Best Crypto Banks


Xapo acts like your cryptocurrency vault. With a heavily fortified offline storage system and emphasis on secure custody, it’s the choice for users who prioritize the long-term safety of their holdings above quick transactions.


Revolut is one of the best crypto bank bridges traditional finance and the crypto world. It’s a great option for those desiring a well-established fintech platform with basic crypto buying/selling functions integrated alongside regular banking features.


One of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance is a crypto powerhouse. Besides its vast trading options, it offers staking, derivatives, and various card programs to let you spend crypto earnings.


N26 blends modern mobile banking with cryptocurrency access. If you want a sleek banking app that provides crypto trading as an additional functionality, this could be a good fit.


Bunq is a mobile bank first, but offers some cryptocurrency exposure for those interested. It’s best for those who want full-featured mobile banking with a light touch of crypto trading within the same app.


Bitpanda offers a one-stop shop for diverse investments. Trade cryptocurrencies, stocks, ETFs, and precious metals easily, and then use their linked card to utilize these assets for everyday spending. has gained popularity with its series of crypto debit cards. Their cards offer cashback rewards in their native token (CRO) and other perks, making it appealing for those wanting crypto rewards for spending.


OKX caters to serious crypto traders. The platform offers advanced trading tools, staking, and a debit card that links your crypto portfolio to real-world spending for flexibility.


Bybit is known primarily as a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange. However, it also offers spot trading, a growing selection of financial tools, and even has its own debit card option for spending crypto holdings.


Uphold focuses on simplifying trading across diverse asset classes. Trade cryptocurrencies alongside traditional stocks, precious metals, and even some carbon credit options.


SoFi is a well-established investing platform that cautiously dips into cryptocurrency. If you primarily want stock and ETF trading with a bit of crypto exposure, this is a conservative option. aims to bridge the ease of CeFi (Centralized Finance) with the innovations of DeFi (Decentralized Finance). Expect streamlined features, convenient earning opportunities, and a user-friendly crypto experience. is a large cryptocurrency exchange with a primary focus on spot trading. It’s expanding its range of services and now offers a card option to utilize your balance for spending.


Juno aims to elevate crypto banking beyond simple buying and selling. Expect personalized insights, convenient lending and borrowing features, strategic partnerships with blockchain projects, and a focus on enhancing your entire crypto financial life.

Ally Bank

Ally Bank is a recognized digital bank with a crypto-friendly stance. Its focus on ease of use, competitive interest rates, and transparent fee structures create a comfortable environment for those managing crypto investments alongside their traditional finances.


BankProv specializes in serving cryptocurrency businesses. It offers competitive interest rates on crypto lending and ensures compliance with complex regulations, making it a reliable choice for crypto-focused companies.

Cash App

Cash App is a versatile finance app with a heavy emphasis on Bitcoin. Buy, sell, and even directly deposit or withdraw Bitcoin, giving users a streamlined option for managing their BTC.


Monzo works by connecting your regular bank account with various crypto exchanges. This allows easy movement of funds between crypto and traditional finance for convenient management within the Monzo app.


USAA boasts direct integration with Coinbase. This allows USAA users to view and manage their Coinbase cryptocurrency holdings alongside other banking products, offering a unified financial dashboard.

Crypto Cards


Bitnovo provides prepaid crypto cards, both virtual and physical. Top up your card with supported cryptocurrencies and use them for everyday spending, simplifying the crypto-to-fiat process.


Robinhood’s crypto card remains uncertain. While it was announced, there’s been little news, making it unlikely to launch. The platform is primarily for stock and ETF trading, with limited cryptocurrency options.


Wirex is a popular choice with its crypto debit card offering cashback rewards. It supports multiple cryptocurrencies, making it flexible for users with diverse holdings.


Vivid is a mobile banking and investment app with integrated crypto features. Link its card to your crypto holdings, and even earn rewards on certain cryptocurrencies within the Vivid platform.

Monolith Card

The Monolith Card connects directly to your Ethereum wallet for a true DeFi experience. Spend Ethereum and compatible ERC-20 tokens directly from your non-custodial wallet.

Plutus Card

Plutus puts a strong emphasis on rewards earned with their card. Cashback is given in their own token (PLU), alongside various perks depending on your subscription plan.


Dukascopy blends Swiss banking precision with cryptocurrency integration. Their card can be funded with Bitcoin or their own stablecoin (DUK+) for a secure and regulated spending option.


AdvCash offers both fiat and cryptocurrency accounts, with multiple card options. Spend your crypto holdings or utilize the card’s multi-currency features for traditional transactions as well.


Criptan provides a crypto card tailored for the Spanish market. It focuses on seamless crypto spending while complying with local regulations.

Bit2me is a Spanish crypto exchange that also offers a debit card connected to its platform. Buy, sell, and spend your crypto easily within a familiar ecosystem.

Fold App

Fold App stands out with its Bitcoin-centric rewards. Use the Fold Card for everyday purchases and get rewarded in Bitcoin for your spending.


Spectrocoin is a crypto exchange and platform offering numerous services, including several card options. Choose between prepaid and debit card varieties depending on your spending needs.


Kucoin, a major exchange, offers a debit card option to add flexibility to your crypto holdings. Use your exchange balance to power your card for spending worldwide.

BitPay Card

BitPay was one of the early crypto debit cards, still functional with a focus on Bitcoin spending. It allows smooth conversion of Bitcoin holdings into fiat currency for spending.


Uquid focuses on connecting your crypto wallet with real-world spending power. Its debit card supports numerous cryptocurrencies for convenient conversion.

Plasbit offers prepaid crypto card solutions. Top up the Plasbit card with your chosen cryptocurrency and then use it for spending like you would a regular prepaid card.

Coinspaid Card

The Coinspaid Card is closely tied to the Coinspaid crypto ecosystem. Users of the Coinspaid platform can utilize the card for efficient spending of their crypto assets.

Trastra provides crypto-friendly banking accounts alongside its card. It simplifies the process of moving from crypto holdings to card-powered spending.

Withtap’s card allows for direct spending of crypto earnings. Connect compatible wallets and platforms to utilize earned crypto rewards with the card.

Coinjar is an Australian crypto exchange with its own card offering. Utilize their card to spend your crypto assets directly on goods and services.

Coinramp is primarily a fiat-to-crypto on-ramp, but also provides a card for spending crypto. It’s a streamlined option for converting fiat to crypto and then utilizing a linked card.

Zeply is a crypto exchange with its own linked debit card. Trade on the exchange and then utilize this card to utilize those holdings in the real world. is a crypto platform with a focus on rewards and its own token (HI). The hi Debit Card allows you to spend your crypto holdings and earn rewards within the hi ecosystem.

Getspendl offers a crypto card that helps you earn interest on your crypto holdings. Instead of just sitting idle, assets you fund the card with have the potential to generate better returns while still being accessible for spending.

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