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Best Bitcoin Lightning Wallets


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Looking for the easiest Lightning Wallet? Try Wallet of Satoshi

The Lightning Network allows for instant bitcoin transactions with super low fees. Using Lightning today is easier than ever.

A great number of wallets are ready for you to try out. In this list we compare their benefits so you can find the right wallet that suits your needs.

Best Lightning Wallets – Editor’s Choice

Our most favorite are listed below:

Blink – because it’s so simple and has great features

WalletofSatoshi – because it’s even simpler to use

Coinos – because it has the best fee rates

Alby – The easiest web wallet for Lightning

Phoenix – The best choice for self custodial Lightning

Please bear in mind that custodial lightning wallets should not be used to store bitcoin long-term. We recommend them to beginners because their easy to use. Any self-custodial Lightning wallet takes more time to learn but is always a recommended option for advanced users.

If you like watching review videos, a great comparison of Lightning Wallets was created by BTC Sessions:

What is Lightning?

The Lightning Network is a protocol and technology built on top of Bitcoin.

It enables super-fast and incredibly cheap Bitcoin transactions.

It does this by creating off-chain “payment channels” between users. Instead of recording every tiny transaction on the main blockchain, these channels allow for numerous payments to happen quickly. This is perfect for everyday stuff like buying coffee, tipping creators, or micropayments in games.

Lightning Wallets
Lightning Network Visualization

What is a Lightning Wallet?

A Lightning Wallet is an application that allows you to send and receive bitcoin over the Lightning Network.

Explained in a more technical fashion, a lightning wallet allows humans (users) to interact (use) the Bitcoin and Lightning Network protocol. Just like Gmail allows normal people to use the email protocol.

  • Layer 2 Solution: A Lightning Wallet enables you to interact with the Lightning Network, which is built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain (hence, “Layer 2”). It’s designed to make Bitcoin transactions significantly faster and cheaper.
  • Payment Channels: The core idea is to use “payment channels” between two individuals. Instead of recording every tiny transaction on the main blockchain, these channels allow numerous off-chain transactions. Only the opening and closing of the channel get recorded on the main blockchain.
  • Use Cases: The Lightning Network is ideal for frequent, small payments where speed and low fees are essential. Think of things like buying coffee, tipping online content creators, or micropayments in games.

How Lightning Wallets Work

There are custodial and non-custodial lightning wallets. Custodial apps do all of the technical operation in the background. Here is how that works under the hood:

  1. Funding a Lightning Channel: Bitcoin is sent and locked into a payment channel with another person or a service (Lightning node).
  2. Off-Chain Transactions: Once the channel is open, multiple transactions can be made without waiting for blockchain confirmations. The channel capacity (inbound liquidity) determine the limits for the transaction volume of a Lightning channel.
  3. Lightning Routing: Transactions are routed with advanced routing algorithms through different nodes in the Lightning Network. This allows for optimal speed and low fees.
  4. Closing the Channel: When a channel expires, the channel closes and the final balance is recorded on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Types of Lightning Wallets

  • Custodial Wallets:
    • A third party manages your funds (similar to regular online wallets).
    • Easier for beginners, as you don’t need to run your own Lightning node.
    • Examples: BlueWallet, Wallet of Satoshi, Strike
  • Non-Custodial Wallets:
    • You have full control over your Bitcoin.
    • Requires a bit more technical understanding as you usually need to manage your own Lightning node.
    • Examples: Phoenix Wallet, Muun Wallet, Breez

Pro’s and cons of custodial and non-custodial Lightning Wallets

Custodial Lightning Wallets

Ease of use: No need to manage keys or set up your own node.Loss of control: You don’t hold your private keys, meaning the custodian has ultimate control over the funds.
User-friendly interface: Often have simpler designs geared towards beginners.Potential security risks: Custodian wallets are targets for hackers and could be subject to service outages or freezes.
Potential for account recovery: Some custodians might help you recover your funds if you lose login credentials.Less privacy: Transactions could be linked to your identity via KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements.

Non-Custodial Lightning Wallets

Full control: You are the sole owner of your private keys, granting you full authority over your funds.Higher responsibility: You need to secure your keys properly; losing them means losing your funds permanently.
Enhanced privacy: Transactions are not linked to your real-world identity.Potentially steeper learning curve: Requires more technical understanding to set up and use.
Censorship resistance: There’s no central party that can freeze or restrict your fundsLimited support: You are largely responsible for troubleshooting any issues that might arise.

Key Benefits of Lightning Wallets

Lightning wallets meant to allow seamless payments with Bitcoin. While bitcoin transactions on the main chain can be quiet expensive and take time to be confirmed, Lightning transactions are instant at much lower fees.

The Lightning Network was designed to make Bitcoin useful for daily payments and even microtransactions.

  • Speed: Transactions are near-instant.
  • Low Fees: Fees are usually a tiny fraction of typical Bitcoin transaction costs.
  • Scalability: The Lightning Network reduces load on the main Bitcoin blockchain, enabling it to better support a huge number of transactions.

Theoretically, The lightning network can scale to do millions + of transactions per second.

The Complete List of Lightning Wallets

Here is the complete list of all Lightning wallets:

Best non-custodial Lightning Wallets

A major point of critique is that Lightning wallets are custodial and therefore not as secure. Fortunately, users who value security and sovereignty can also chose Lightning Wallets where they control the keys themselves.

Albyhttps://getalby.comAlby is a browser wallet that works with chrome or chromium based browsers such as brave browser
Phoenix Wallet is a non-custodial Bitcoin wallet that offers one of the easiest and most user-friendly ways to send and receive micropayments over the Lightning Network
Blinkhttps://blink.svBlink wallet is built for beginners and requires a phone number to secure the wallet. It comes with great features such as stablesats and merchant POS and is very easy to use.
Breez in beta on both iOS and Android, Breez is another mobile lightning wallet that focuses on user-friendly and intuitive design. Also, like Phoenix, it’s a non-custodial solution that doesn’t require users to run their own LN nodes
Bitkit (Beta) is reinventing a Lightning Wallet from the ground up, adding features like profiles, contacts and live widgets.
Wallet of Satoshi of Satoshi comes in first on our ranking of the most popular custodial wallets for Bitcoin’s Lightning Network
ÉclairÉclair is a Bitcoin wallet that in addition to supporting on-chain bitcoin transactions also offers the option to connect to the Lightning network.
Electrum handles both on-chain bitcoin and Lightning Network transactions. The wallet is known for its security and features a number of technologies to bridge the gap between hot (online) and cold (offline) storage of the bitcoin held in the wallet.
Bitcoin Lightning Wallet Lightning Wallet (BLW) is an Android only, non-custodial, standalone Bitcoin SPV node with LN functionality
Blockstream Green Wallet Green is an industry-leading Bitcoin wallet that offers you an unrivaled blend of security and ease-of-use.
Zap is a non-custodial LN wallet available for desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux), iOS and Android. It was developed by Jack Mallers, a 23 year-old developer from Chicago Illinois
Tippin.me is a custodial LN wallet that sits on your Chrome or Firefox browser as an extension
Zeus is an open-source Bitcoin mobile wallet that lets anyone manage Bitcoin on-chain and lightning payments
Joule is an open-source Bitcoin lightning network browser extension.
Coinos is an open-source Bitcoin web wallet with On-chain, Lightning and Liquid support. It can be connected to your own personal node or used from a public server.
Spark is a simple minimalistic pure Lightning wallet with web, desktop, and mobile applications.
Shockwallet is an open-source Bitcoin Lightning network wallet, with its own built-in social networking economy
Hexa wallet is a very versatile custodial lightning wallet that convinces with many features you will be missing on other wallets
Chivo Wallet Wallet is the government issued wallet by El Salvador, if you live outside of El Salvador you cannot access it
Libre Wallet wallet let’s you win Satoshis and refer friends
ZBD is a browser wallet as well as mobile wallet specifially designed for the gaming community
Blixthttps://blixtwallet.github.ioBlixt is a non-custodial open-source Bitcoin Lightning Wallet for Android and iOS with a focus on usability and user experience. It’s currently aimed towards Bitcoiners who want to try out using Lightning Network.
Simple Bitcoin Wallethttps://sbw.appSimple Bitcoin Wallet (aka SBW) is an open-source, non-custodial, autonomous wallet for Android devices which can store, send and receive bitcoins.
lntipbothttps://ln.tipsLighning tip bot is a Bitcoin Lightning wallet that can sends tips on Telegram and to anyone on the lightning network

The best non-custodial Lightning Wallets are




Banks and Exchanges that offer Lightning Wallets

If you use banks and exchanges to hold or purchase Bitcoin then you may have experienced being charged high fees for bitcoin withdrawals. Some of the more innovative exchanges have therefore integrated Lightning to cut fees and offer users better privacy. Even Coinbase, one of the oldest exchanges in the US is considering to integrate Lightning.





Xapo Bank



Noah (beta)


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